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The biggest building in the Netherlands

Rotterdam unveiled plans for the biggest building in the Netherlands. The design of a 160,000 square metre multifunctional vertical city in Rotterdam.

Designed by Rem Koolhaas, the building is known as De Rotterdam and consists of three 150 metre towers. These three multifunctional towers will feature space for corporate offices, residential apartments, a hotel, restaurants, cinema and retail shopping – creating a bustling vertical city that is active 24 hours a day.

The project is situated on the Wilhelminapier, near Hotel New York and will be developed into an exclusive residential commercial location in the future.

The name of the building – De Rotterdam – recalls the maritime history of the area. In fact, the Wilhelminapier is the former departure point of the Holland-America line, from where tens of thousands of Europeans emigrated to the United States in decades past. One of this company’s famous ships was named De Rotterdam.

The design is actually 10 years old, but the property developer told the plan could now go ahead because the recession has forced down prices.

The total cost of the project is put at €340m and is being backed by Dutch Rabo bank. The building will take four years to complete.