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The Dutch DNA

The Dutch DNA, is this years theme for promoting Holland world wide.

DNA tells a story. It shows who you are and what makes you unique.

Open-minded, creative and pragmatic! These are typical characteristics of the Dutch and they are part of our Dutch DNA. At the same time, these characteristics form a golden combination, which makes Holland a cradle of creativity.
Fashion, Design, Architecture & Heritage

In 2011 Holland shares some of its unique DNA with the rest of the world. You will discover how Holland distinguishes itself within fashion, design, architecture and heritage.

The topics Fashion, Design and Architecture give you an insight look on who are the great Dutch designers and architects? What makes them so unique? Where can you find their works? When are the best events and experiences?

Heritage is a combination of cultural icons you already know, and monuments, cultural facts and old masters that you’ve probably never heard of, even though they are just as striking, inspiring and surprising.
Secrets of Dutch DNA

Dutch DNA reveals its secrets. In 2011 everything about Dutch fashion, design, architecture and heritage is open for you.

Articles, (video)interviews, online shopping guides and -widgets, and social media accounts of great designers and architects, make Dutch DNA come to life.

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