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The Netherlands backs Dutch contribution to UNMISS in South Sudan

The Netherlands is sending police officers and officers of the Royal Military and Border Police to help build up the police force in South Sudan. This new country is in a precarious situation, confronted by huge challenges after the war with north Sudan and its recent independence. So support from UNMISS is essential.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal points out, ‘The Dutch contribution is small, but highly significant and meets the needs of the United Nations. The Netherlands opts for an integrated approach, combining stabilisation and de-escalation with capacity building and efforts to address the sources of the conflict.’

Dutch participation in UNMISS is part of a broader commitment to the future of South Sudan. The Netherlands contributes €75 million a year in development aid towards establishing the rule of law and ensuring better water provision and food security for its people. ‘We are tackling the causes of instability, stimulating the local private sector and working towards self-reliance for South Sudan,’ says Minister of European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen.