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The Netherlands has the best health-care system in Europe

The Netherlands has the best health-care system in Europe, according to the European Organization Health Consumer Powerhouse.

In the organization’s 2013 Euro Health Consumer Index, the Netherlands is ranked first, ahead of Switzerland. Since the start of the index in 2005, the Netherlands is the only country that has consistently been ranked in the top three of the annual rankings as well as in the top three of all categories.

“This top ranking reinforces what we Dutch have known for a long time: The Netherlands has a world-class health-care system,” said Ambassador Rudolf Bekink. “It shows how hard we’ve worked to create a system that places a high priority on providing high-quality health care for our citizens.”

According to the index, the Netherlands scored best in two categories: “Patient Rights and Information” and “Range and Reach of Services.”

The Netherlands has many private health insurance providers that compete with each other, and are separate caregivers and hospitals. The index states that the Netherlands has probably the most structured arrangement for patient organization participation in health care decision and policy making.

Read the report. For information on the Dutch health care system, email the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports at the Embassy.