The Netherlands has the highest traffic fines in Europe

The Netherlands has the highest traffic fines in Europe

The Netherlands will have the highest traffic fines in Europe with the new higher fines for many offenses like speeding and mobile phone use, which will come into force Wednesday 1st January 2014.

The Netherlands takes top spot with the most expensive traffic fines in Europe, especially when compared to countries like Germany, France, Belgium and England, according to ADAC, the German sister company of ANWB.

A mobile phone use ticket costs in these countries, 40, 135, 100 and 75 euros respectively. In the Netherlands the same ticket costs 230 Euro. Ignoring an overtaking ban costs 220 Euro. Driving on the emergency stopping lane will cost 370 Euro, the same amount must be paid for parking in a handicapped spot and unnecessary use of horn.

Each year, the fines are automatically increased. Other notable fines to be paid as of 2014 are 230 Euro for overtaking on the right and driving through a red light.

  • bart

    It isn’t only fines, it is overal way of life in netherlands is expensive, from housingprices, no where in the galaxy is so high then in netherlands, everything is high, salary for 80 % of people not enough to live normally, highest taxes in universe, welcome to netherlands, you only work for the state and have nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bryan

    The Netherlands is hardly the most expensive place to live. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Uk, Luxembourge are all more expensive then the netherlands. Thats just europe. Outside of europe you have Canada and Australia.

  • Wien

    To Bryan,

    You say that the netherlands isn’t a expensive country, in comparision with other countries, but you didn’t say that in those countries, the average salary is much higher than in netherlands, so that netherlands is a more expensive country, then in scandinavia, fact, you have to look at the average person, what he earns in some country and what he can afford with that salary, so in netherlands everything is expensive, because why other are there a lot of dutch people emigrating out of netherlands, because it is a expensive country, and all money that you earn goes to state, taxes, incassobureau, etc, you must pay everything in netherlands, everything that you earn, rentprices, very high, for a shitflat you must pay all of your salary almost, you have to look at the average dutch person with his salary, minimumloon, and what can you do with that, gasprice, highest in the eu, because why is gasprice in luxembourg much lower than in netherlands, and salary is higher, that is netherlands, only a small group of people have a good life, and the rest can only live in their small gettoappartments or rijtjeswoningen with a garden of 1 cm with 1 cm and a morgage of 1.000.000 euro, no where is this!

  • haley

    how many speeding tickets can u get here in the Netherlands?????

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  • international driver

    the dutch policemen and women are the worst in the world, and they only care about fines! what a hollible system!!!

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