The Netherlands is the most expensive place in Europe to eat out

The Netherlands is the most expensive place in Europe to eat out

The Dutch are used to paying some of the highest prices on the planet for their basic needs. Now it seems they are being charged more than anyone else for a meal out among other countries in the world.

The Netherlands has overtaken Belgium and Germany as the most expensive country for eating out, with a three-course restaurant meal costing an average €27,45 per person. A meal in the Netherlands costs on average €9 more than its nearest competitor, Germany, where the price is only €18.70, according to a study by the FoodService Institute.

The institute compared the prices of three-course meals in different countries. The Netherlands is about 20 percent more expensive to eat out than elsewhere in Europe.

Average price of a three-course meals in 2012-2013:

1. Netherlands: 27,45 euro
2. Belgium: 24,95 euro
3. Spain: 21,10 euro
4. Great Britain: 20,47 euro
5. France: 20,30 euro
6. Canada: 20,05 euro
7. Germany: 18,70 euro
8. USA: 17,71 euro

  • AmstelveenNick

    2 biertje (2 x €1.5) + 3 bolletje (€3) + 3 kip-saté/1 boterham (€4) + 1 ollie-bollen (€2) = €12 . So if you eat Dutch you are on the low side. But if you want cuisine (I did not even say “haute-cuisine” 😉 ) … of course you have to pay more.

  • Freiburger

    Switzerland is by far the most expensive country in Europe as restaurants is concerned. No other country gets even close.
    But maybe the FoodService Institute (who are they anyway?) did not test them in their study.

    A link to the study would be helpful.

  • Uskudar

    Of course there are some things in Switzerland more expansive than in neverlands, but you have to look at the average citizen and his or hers salary and costs of living, and then the netherlands isn’t all that supercountry like they claim it, there is a lot of poorness amongst the dutch ordinairy people, for about of 70 % middle till low income people, because in switzerland the salaries are higher than in netherlands, fact, therefore, a swiss citizen can buy more products then a ordinary dutch citizen, on paper is netherlands a rich and happy nation, but in practise, nothing of this, complete contrary, everything is expensive for the ordinary dutch citizen, from having a nice home till food, having a car, medical care, montly premies very high, and you have to pay everything from own pocket, highest prices in renting a place to live in, from gettoappartments till tussenwoningen like they call it, for example a lego house, the netherlands is full of it, and very expensive, no freedom you have, only neighbours looking to you for 24 hours a day and gossiping about others, that is netherlands, highest prices in gas, no where in europe so high prices in benzine and dieselfuel, fact, so of course there are products in netherlands cheaper then in other countries, but you must look at the average salary and what you can buy in the country where you live, for example if you look in benelux, in gasprices, how come that the gasprices in luxembourg are much lower than in netherlands, and there avery income is higher, so that is fact, the dutch people like to pretend that there country is a perfect country where are all their citizens are happy with their lives, maybe 20 % of the dutch with high income, but the most of them, I don’t think so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    I was nodding in agreement with you but when you got to the neighbours gossiping all day I was really convinced – You are living my life right now!!!

    How is it that my neighbours spend all day standing outside their houses gossiping — where do they work???

  • ShitOnHolandistan

    Netherlands is the most expensive country in Europe in a lot more:
    1) Road tax
    2) Gasoline
    3) Clothing (unless you buy sh*t at local c&a and v&d
    4) Health case
    5) Houses

    But drugs, prostitutes and royals are cheap.

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