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The Netherlands is the most expensive place in Europe to eat out

The Dutch are used to paying some of the highest prices on the planet for their basic needs. Now it seems they are being charged more than anyone else for a meal out among other countries in the world.

The Netherlands has overtaken Belgium and Germany as the most expensive country for eating out, with a three-course restaurant meal costing an average €27,45 per person. A meal in the Netherlands costs on average €9 more than its nearest competitor, Germany, where the price is only €18.70, according to a study by the FoodService Institute.

The institute compared the prices of three-course meals in different countries. The Netherlands is about 20 percent more expensive to eat out than elsewhere in Europe.

Average price of a three-course meals in 2012-2013:

1. Netherlands: 27,45 euro
2. Belgium: 24,95 euro
3. Spain: 21,10 euro
4. Great Britain: 20,47 euro
5. France: 20,30 euro
6. Canada: 20,05 euro
7. Germany: 18,70 euro
8. USA: 17,71 euro