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The Netherlands ranks #1 in DHL Global Connectedness Index

The Netherlands has most economic links with the rest of the world.

DHL has released the first DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI), a detailed country-by-country analysis of the flows that connect the world. The study indicates that globalization is still not as advanced as most people believe and that continued economic integration could spur global gross domestic product gains of five percent or more. GCI ranks 125 countries according to the depth and breadth of their integration into the world economy and also examines the relationship between global connectedness and welfare. The study documents that global connectedness has enormous room to expand, even among the most “connected” countries.

The top ten overall ranks in the 2011 DHL Global Connectedness Index are occupied, in descending order, by the Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong (China), and Malta. These leaders in terms of global connectedness are a diverse set of countries, spread across Europe and Asia, and ranging from the world’s sixth largest economy (United Kingdom) to one of the smaller independent nations (Malta). The diversity of the leading countries in the index is amplified when one looks at the top 50 countries, which include representatives from all six continents covered in the study.