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Netherlands Reports Robust 2011 Foreign Direct Investment Results

Even in the face of continuing economic concerns in Europe, the Netherlands remains a stable, highly competitive and increasingly attractive location for foreign companies to establish operations. The Netherlands posted record foreign direct investment (FDI) results for 2011, with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) supporting the attraction of 193 projects, representing 4,358 jobs and planned investment of $1.95 billion.

In terms of the number of projects, the NFIA brought in the highest number in its more than 30-year existence, registering a 25 percent increase over the previous year’s total of 155. About one-third (65) of the firms set up operations in the Amsterdam area.

While a little more than half of the projects originated in Asia, North America recorded 26 percent of the total. The United States remains the largest source country with 46 projects, of which 32 were initial investments of companies in the Netherlands. Adding in three projects from Canada and one from Puerto Rico, the North American totals are: 50 projects; 1,770 jobs; and $390.6 million investment.

“The Netherlands still has a favorable investment climate. Companies favor the Netherlands for its position as a stepping stone into Europe, its language and educational skills, as well as its fiscal climate,” said NFIA Commissioner Bas Pulles. “And foreign investors provide direct jobs.”

The greatest number of worldwide projects involved sales and marketing (59), but in a continuing noteworthy trend, the amount of international headquarters projects climbed to 41. In North America, a total of 16 headquarters projects out-paced the number attributed to marketing and sales activity (12) and European distribution centers (7). El-Cajon, California-based Taylor Guitars is a noteworthy example of a North American company establishing its European headquarters in Amsterdam last year.

Similar to the last several years, the ICT sector led the way with the most projects and jobs worldwide (and North America) in 2011. The energy sector accounted for the highest investment amount.

The Netherlands continues to attract companies with research and development (R&D) activities. In 2011, 19 such projects were confirmed – four from North America. One of the most high-profile examples was the announcement of the future R&D facility in Nijmegen for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Heinz.

About NFIA

The NFIA is an operational unit of the ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The NFIA helps and advises foreign companies on the establishment, rolling out and/or expansion of their international activities in the Netherlands. The NFIA was established more than 30 years ago, and has since then supported more than 2,800 companies from nearly 50 countries in the establishment or expansion of their international activities in the Netherlands. Besides its headquarters in The Hague, the NFIA has its own offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey, North America, Asia and the Middle East, as well as a representative office in Brazil. Additionally, the NFIA works together with Dutch embassies, consulates-general, and other organizations representing the Dutch government abroad, as well as with a broad network of domestic partners. More information:

The NFIA has U.S. offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco.

This material is distributed by Aloysius Butler & Clark, on behalf of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.
Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

SOURCE Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency