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The Netherlands to consider leaving the eurozone

Dutch politician Geert Wilders believes it is time for the Netherlands to consider stepping out of the eurozone. It calls on the government to consider the option and to take it seriously.

Wilders reacts with this on the Greek debt crisis. “Greece is wrong. It concerns us that it will cost us a lot of money and the question is whether we will see it back again. “He said that Spain and Portugal are likely to follow.

Negotiators from the European Commission, IMF and Greece currently put the finishing touches on a rescue package. This is expected to include over 100 billion Euros in loans to ailing Greece. The Netherlands will possibly borrow 1.8 billion Euros to Greece.

Wilders: “We can not force the Greeks out of the eurozone, but we as the Netherlands can move out ourselves. The Dutch government should consider that option and take a serious look at the case when it goes wrong with Greece, Spain and Portugal. ”

Rita Verdonk of Dutch party “Proud of the Netherlands” also believes that we should consider reintroducing the Dutch guilder. The party is against European aid for Greece and would rather see a solution with the IMF.

She said: “maybe we should do something together with Germany. Because they are also firmly against depositing money into a bottomless pit.”

Greece is poised to announce an agreement with euro-region allies and the International Monetary Fund on a 120 billion-euro ($159 billion) bailout as protests mount against budget cuts that are a condition for the rescue of the debt-stricken nation.

With national debt of almost 300 billion euros and its credit rating cut to junk status, Greece faces a fiscal mess that has begun to spread to Spain and Portugal, forcing the European Union to orchestrate the rescue. At stake is the future of the euro 11 years after its creators gave the European Central Bank responsibility for interest rates while leaving fiscal policy in national capitals.

The Greek debt crisis has proved to be the biggest challenge facing the eurozone to date. Some analysts warn that if eurozone members do not act quickly and decisively, the decade-old monetary union could be dismantled.