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The Voice of Holland to America

The popular talent show The Voice of Holland will have an American counterpart.

The success behind the Dutch television show of John de Mol will soon be seen in the United States, announced the U.S. network NBC on Monday.

In The Voice of America young singing talent fighting will compete in front of the camera for a record deal. They will be supported by famous American artists to be prepared for a career in the music business.

The show will feature four celebrity artists, who will form teams of singers that they will coach and mentor throughout the competition. Individuals will be eliminated until each celebrity only has one team member left who will compete in the finals to be named “The Voice of America” in a live finale. To guarantee that the celebrities pick the best of the best, the series introduces a unique twist – the initial audition process is blind; coaches can only hear the singer but cannot see them.

Viewers will also have a say in determining the competition’s finalists, as they vie for the grand prize of a recording contract.

The new talent show “The Voice of America” is slated to premiere in Spring 2011. on U.S. television network NBC .

Watch below a video from the Voice of Holland