Three new Indian companies to Amsterdam

Three new Indian companies to Amsterdam

Between 25 and 31 March 2012, the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, led an Amsterdam Metropolitan Area trade mission to India. As a result of this, three Indian companies have already announced plans to open new offices in Amsterdam this year. They include the ICT companies KPIT Cummins and Value Lab, and the fund management company Tata Asset Management. These are just some of the direct successes of this trade mission.

Infosys, one of India’s largest ICT companies, also discussed the possibility of establishing a European education and training centre in Amsterdam. Although Infosys has not yet decided whether to base such a campus in Europe, it has indicated that Amsterdam would be a preferred destination for a European venture. The University of Amsterdam would be closely involved with such a development.

IFFTI Congress 2014 to Amsterdam
Alderperson Carolien Gehrels (Economic Affairs, Arts and Culture) also visited Mumbai between 25 and 28 March. She was especially involved in a programme for the creative sector, through which a special workshop was hosted by THNK, The Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership. It has since been announced that the annual conference of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) will take place in Amsterdam during 2014. The IFFTI is an international knowledge organisation for the fields of fashion, design and fashion technology. The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) will organise this large four-day conference.

Cruyff Court
During the trip, a collaborative agreement was struck with the city of Mumbai in order to exchange knowledge about water management, spatial planning and healthcare. There was also an agreement signed to develop Cruyff Courts in Mumbai. Furthermore, the City of Amsterdam presented a bid book to Taj Hotels, detailing the potential of the city as a new destination for the hotel chain. The Port of Amsterdam also signed a collaborative contract with the Samsara Group, a shipping agent with 54 offices in India. This will enable the Port of Amsterdam to expand its market reach in the transportation of oil, chemicals, agricultural bulk, general cargo and containers from India and Brazil.

Responsible capital
An addition to this trip was the participation of the City of Eindhoven. For international matters, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and Brainport Eindhoven cooperate closely in the areas of innovation and technology. Previously Wageningen University also participated in a trip to China. This highlights the City of Amsterdam’s strategy to be a responsible capital city and to involve other Dutch regions with its trade missions and international acquisitions.

Fastest growing Indian community
Since 2006, Amsterdam has worked hard to attract Indian businesses to the region. As such, more and more companies from India are choosing Amsterdam, meaning that in recent years, the number has increased by fivefold to 75 businesses. Overall, there are presently 120 Indian companies operating within the Netherlands. The Indian community in the Amsterdam Area has also become the fastest growing Indian population in Europe.

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