Eight out of ten Dutch toddlers online

Eight out of ten Dutch toddlers and preschoolers spend on average 22 minutes per day on the Internet.

Particularly through touch screens devices like the iPhone and iPad, it’s easy for kids to access the Internet.

According to a research about the Internet use among young children published Thursday by the foundation My Child Online.

The children are on average 3.9 years old when they first go online. Ninety percent of parents don’t mind if their child is playing with digital media.

The report pleads for a recommended age for apps and websites, and an explanation section for parents.

Also toddlers need to be prevented that they end up with payment options, for example through a secure area on the site.

The survey was conducted among a representative group of 575 parents and observation of 35 children.

Television is still the leading form of media consumed by kids. According to a recent report, most children watch three hours of TV on weekdays and 4 hours on the weekend. Some of these TV-watchers are also multitasking.

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