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TomTom Makes the Largest Traffic Database in the World

TomTom Makes the Largest Historic Traffic Database in the World Available for Governments and Enterprises via Its Online Web Portal.

TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions, unveils TomTom Traffic Stats at the Transportation Research Board annual meeting in Washington D.C. Within 24 hours of submitting a data request through governments and traffic consultants will have highly accurate and up-to-date traffic data analysis at their fingertips compared to the current industry standard of several weeks or more.

Maarten van Gool, Managing Director of TomTom Licensing explains: “TomTom’s Traffic Stats database makes tailor-made reports available within one day and is unique in that it gathers the underlying information mainly from actual car movements.”

TomTom’s database was first created in 2006 and now includes more than 3 trillion actual driven measurements; more than 3.5 billion new measurements are added each day and this rate is growing. Traffic information is available for the entire road network in Europe and North America. Data is available at different degrees of granularity, down to every 10 metres (11 yards) of road, depending on local road geometry.

The Traffic Stats portal makes it possible to analyse actual driven historical travel times and speeds on any road or route over any calendar period and time of day.

For more information and for a live demonstration please go to The portal is accessible upon subscription; evaluation licenses can be requested via the website as well.