The Netherlands too small for iPad newspaper

The Netherlands too small for iPad newspaper

A paid daily iPad-only newspaper is only an attractive market to target English-speaking users, according to Dutch media experts.

According to the media experts, The Netherlands is too small for an iPad newspaper edition like The Daily by News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The Daily promises to be the world’s first “newspaper” designed exclusively for Apple’s iPad and will cover general news, culture and entertainment and include video.

Since going on sale last year, the iPad has kindled new hopes for professional journalism in the digital age. Traditional publishers are betting the iPad and its imitators can help provide new sources of advertising and subscription revenue.

The Daily has a lot of potential not bound by national borders and will find customers from all over the world, according to newspaper expert Piet Bakker.

The iPad newspaper aims to attract a global audience without the steep production costs of printing and only needs a few percent of the world market to generate millions.

Do you think paperless newspaper will be the norm over a decade or two and readers will primarily consume their news electronically?

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