Top 10 foreign holiday destinations for Dutch tourists

Top 10 foreign holiday destinations for Dutch tourists

The Dutch population spent a total of nearly 16 billion euros on holidays last year, of which 12.9 billion on foreign holidays. Most holidays are spent outside the Netherlands, but the number of short breaks in the Netherlands is increasing according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Dutch people went on a total 36.7 million holidays last year, 800 thousand more than in 2008. This increase is mainly accounted for by short holidays spent in the Netherlands. The number of these short holidays rose by 1.2 million to 10 million, while the number of long holidays spent in the Netherlands fell further, by 500 thousand, to 8 million.

Long holidays spent abroad accounted for the largest number of holidays in 2012: 14.8 million. This number has remained fairly steady since 2008.

Nearly nine in ten of these foreign holidays were spent in Europe. Once again France was the most popular destination, accounting for 15 percent of foreign holidays in 2012. It was followed by Germany (14 percent) and Spain (11 percent). Outside Europe, the United States was the most visited destination.

Top 10 foreign holiday destinations, 2012


Four out of five Dutch people have at least one holiday
Some 12.8 million Dutch people took at least one short break or long holiday last year; this is the equivalent of just over four-fifths of the population. This share has also been stable for years now.

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