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One of the Top 3 green buildings in the Netherlands

The future is green, Imtech officially opened the Imtech Green Building in Eindhoven on Friday.

This office has been deemed objectively as one of the greenest buildings in the Netherlands. With a BREEAM score of more than 67%, based on the BREEAM-NL classification method of the Dutch Green Building Council, the building is one of the Top 3 constructed green buildings in the Netherlands according to BREEAM standards. The Green Building has a 45% lower EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient) and is characterised by 40% lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional buildings. This does translate into added costs, but with a cost recoup time of less than 5 years. After this, the building even starts to save costs. This Green Building forms Imtech’s answer to the dilemma facing many organisations of how to achieve a sustainable but cost-aware office.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: ‘Imtech is one of the most green technical services providers in Europe. Over 25% of our 4.5 billion euro revenue is achieved through green projects. We have almost 1,000 ‘green’ references. It’s not only about green buildings, it’s also about sustainable energy generation from solar heat, wind, (organic) waste or residue products, as well as innovative (decentralised) power stations, green ships and CO2 reduction through high-tech traffic solutions. Imtech would like to take the initiative in the discussion concerning the sustainability of real estate in Europe. Office buildings are responsible for 20% of global CO2 emissions. This must be reduced, and Imtech offers the answer. And what’s even better is that with greener offices, in the longer-term, money can be saved.’

What is a green office, precisely?
The question of what is the most sustainable office in the Netherlands is not easy to answer at first sight. There are many claims on the market, and this causes confusion. That is why the Dutch Green Building Council has recently developed its own BREEAM-NL classification, focusing on the Dutch market; this is generally expected to become the future standard in the Netherlands as far as sustainable construction is concerned. This doesn’t only examine a building’s energy use, but also the materials used, how they were purchased, the building’s construction and future use, its influence on employee well-being and whether the environment surrounding the building has met certain requirements. Imtech is one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Green Building Council.

Imtech Green Building Eindhoven
The Imtech Green Building, situated on the Furkapas in Eindhoven, has been developed specifically as a model green office. This means that each section of the BREEAM-NL classification considers the (partial) sustainable implementation and the additional costs involved compared to conventional buildings. That is why the Imtech Green Building is deliberately not a showcase, but a modern and efficient office with an attractive cost recoup time for the additional sustainable investments made (based on current energy prices) of less than 5 years. After this, compared to a conventional building, extra savings can be achieved. Sustainability and the realisation of an easily achievable economical business case have gone hand in hand in Eindhoven. With this, the Imtech Green Building forms a sound example for the development and building market in the Netherlands, in which sustainability is often a central theme.

Combination of sustainable materials and smart, energy-efficient technology
The Imtech Green Building is based on using sustainable cradle-to-cradle materials with minimum environmental impact. In addition, energy efficiency is of primary importance. From these starting points a pleasant working environment has been achieved, with an optimum climate (climate class A), for the 120 Imtech employees. Energy demand in the building has been reduced significantly by limiting thermal losses (insulation, heat resistant materials, optimum ventilation and high-yield heat recovery), smart electricity consumption and limitations on drinking water usage. In addition maximum efforts have been made toward sustainable generation, including innovative aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) with mono-direction, using free-cooling and utilising heat from the server room. Conventional generation is optimised using very low temperature heat pumps and sustainable cooling via extremely high temperature. Finally energy demand is reduced using among others sustainable lighting concepts. The results is a 45 percent improvement in EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient) and 40 percent reduction in CO2 compared to a conventional new office, leading to a BREEAM score of almost 67% on the BREEAM-NL classification from the Dutch Green Building Council. This means that the Imtech Green Building is one of the Top 3 constructed green buildings in the Netherlands according to BREEAM standards.

Local partners
The Green Building Imtech has been realized with the following in the Eindhoven-based local partners: Van Straten Bouw en Vastgoed (contractor), BO2 architecten (architect), MIBA Bouwmanagement (building management), Cresco Vastgoed (developer and co-ordination), Bouwtechnisch adviesbureau Wolters (constructor). Obviously Imtech took care of all technical solutions.