Trading floor NYSE Euronext full to capacity again in October

Today NYSE Euronext (NYX) announced that the Amsterdam trading floor will be full to capacity with traders again from October 2011.

Newcomers to the trading floor are trading houses AFS, Nyenburgh, Leopark and internet broker Mijnbroker, totalling over 100 people. In addition, trading house Criterion Arbitrage & Trading will occupy a second trading floor besides the main floor. In total Beursplein 5 will accommodate 33 trading-related parties, including 155 traders, as well as the employees of NYSE Euronext.

Beursplein 5 plays an important role in the financial sector. After its transition to the electronic market, the exchange has started offering accommodation to a range of trade-related parties, such as trading houses, the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) and the Dutch Analysts Association. This also attracts the main players in the financial sector. Every day, listed companies, sector organisations, network associations, educational institutions, media, politicians and other prominent parties from the financial sector visit this address for seminars, meetings, press conferences and shareholders meetings.

Cees Vermaas, CEO of NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam says: “The exchange is much more than just a trading platform. Besides acting as an economic indicator, the exchange is the heart of the financial sector. Through the group of exchanges to which Amsterdam belongs, we provide access to the national and international capital market for businesses, brokers and investors. This gives us a central role in the economy. The design of our building at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam enables us to provide a physical meeting place for our clients in which visibility for and access to the relevant stakeholders is optimal. Despite its complete automation, the trading floor is still an important central platform with lots of character. We are therefore delighted and proud to be one of the few exchanges in the world which has a real trading floor.”

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