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Direct high-speed train from Amsterdam to London In 2013

A high-speed train run by German rail firm Deutsche Bahn intents to run trains from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands from 2013. The network will also serve Brussels, Belgium, the Dutch port of Rotterdam and Cologne in Germany.

The ICE train made its inaugural test run on Wednesday, becoming the first passenger train not run by Eurostar — an operator jointly owned by France, Britain and Belgium — to use the tunnel.

The Siemens-built ICE 3 train, which has a maximum speed of 320 kph (200 miles per hour), will undergo further test runs and approval measures to use the Channel Tunnel, Deutsche Bahn said.

The service uses the UK’s first high-speed train line, High Speed 1, which was completed in 2007 and linked London directly to the continental high-speed rail network for the first time.

Eurostar, which is jointly operated by the national rail companies of France and Belgium and a British subsidiary, is currently the only operator to run passenger trains through the tunnel, serving Paris and Brussels directly as well as ski resorts in the French Alps.

It is expected the journey from London to Amsterdam would be around four hours.

Photo By kaffeeeinstein