Dutch people live 5 km from train station

Dutch people live 5 km from train station

In 2008 Dutch people lived on average 5.1 km from the nearest train station, according to figures from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics announced Monday.

For two out of three the nearest station is within a distance of 5 km.

Residents of Noord-Holland have to travel the least: an average of 3.5 km. The distances are greatest in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, averaged 17.3 km.

Many neighborhoods in the municipality of Sluis in “Zeeuws Vlaanderen” live almost 60 km from a train station in the Netherlands. To get to the nearest train station, travelers need to go through the Westerschelde tunnel. A Belgian train station is closer to them: Knokke train station is only 10 km away.

A transfer station for the Dutch is average twice as far as the nearest train station. For 23 per cent of the population there is no difference: The nearest station is also a major interchange station.

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