Treat yourself during Dutch Museum Weekend 2011

Treat yourself during Dutch Museum Weekend 2011

The Dutch are seduced in the coming weekend to visit hundreds of museums in the Netherlands. Museum Weekend is the biggest two-day cultural event in the Netherlands.

The theme of the 30th edition of the Museum Weekend on 2 and 3 April 2011 is ‘Treat yourself’.

During the Museum Weekend to more than 500 museums admission is free or hugely discounted. In addition, the museums will organize several special activities.

Many important museums are participating, including the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen, Bakkersmuseum in Hatteum and the Royal Palace.

The theme Treat yourself will bring together various artists by establishing a relationship between (modern) art and a typical phenomenon Amsterdam: Red Light District. For contemporary art lovers this weekend is the last chance to view exhibitions in the Groninger Museum. The museum is open Monday to end the year close to a major face lift.

The Museum Weekend attracted about 850,000 visitors last year. The event is an initiative of the Dutch Museum Association, which mainly tries to get people who do not or hardly ever visit a museum. Dutch museums during a regular weekend attract around 200,000 visitors.

On the website a handy search engine lets you see exactly what’s going on where is this weekend.

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