TU Delft Begins Registration For First Free Online Courses

TU Delft Begins Registration For First Free Online Courses

In the first week of May the registration will open for the first free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at TU Delft. The courses being offered are Solar Energy and Introduction to Water Treatment, both of which start on 16 September. These courses provide free online access to the knowledge of TU Delft for anyone, anywhere in the world. Anyone may attend the courses, without prior education or entrance tests.

The MOOCs in Introduction to Water Treatment and in Solar Energy will start in September. All the materials for the courses will be placed on the edX platform. The materials will include video recordings, as well as course materials and sample exams. MOOCs will be offered during a fixed period of eight to ten weeks and with opportunities to interact with fellow students. Participants will receive homework assignments, and they can conclude the course with a certificate of participation. Language of instruction is English.

Million people
More and more reputable universities are publishing courses as MOOCs on edX or other platforms. Online teaching materials allow people (in the Netherlands, as well as elsewhere) to continue developing themselves throughout their lifetime. UNESCO estimates that, by 2025, the number of people participating in higher education will increase by around 80 million. Online education provides the possibility of teaching large groups. TU Delft considers it important to start now in order to gain experience with and to investigate these methods.

According to Anka Mulder, a member of the TU Delft Executive Board whose responsibilities include Educational Affairs, “I am very proud that we are launching our first two MOOCs. We have a standing commitment is to expand the number of MOOCs even further. Online education will be gaining worldwide importance quickly”.

Introduction to Water Treatment
The first two MOOCs offered by TU Delft are introductory courses: Solar Energy and Introduction to Water Treatment. The latter course is designed as an introduction to water treatment technology. These technologies clearly play an essential role in providing adequate supplies of good water for drinking and other purposes. Topics addressed in the course will include urban water services, with a focus on basic techniques for drinking water and wastewater. Professor of Water Management Jules van Lier explains, “Water treatment is of vital importance throughout the world. This makes the course very interesting for participants from developing countries as well”.

Solar Energy
The other MOOC that will start at TU Delft this autumn is Solar Energy. This course teaches how a complete solar cell system can be designed. The course provides an introduction to the technology through which solar energy is converted into electricity, heat and fuels, with a focus on electricity production. The course will emphasise the principles of the solar cell, as well as the production of solar cells, modules and complete PV systems. Other topics that will be addressed include the advantages and limitations of various solar cell technologies.

For additional information and registration please visit: https://www.edx.org/university_profile/DelftX

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