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TV4B launches video platform for the business user

The internet is full of great video content. But do you have time to visit every website to check for updates? TV4B brings together the best shows: one platform for your daily dose of video. Currently, TV4B is only an aggregator, but in the near future we will launch with curated channels and live broadcasts.

TV4B is founded in May, 2011 by a group of young entrepreneurs, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and New York, United States.

They where struck by the lack of a good online business channel. Of course, browse to Vimeo or YouTube and you see great interviews, how-to’s and demo’s. Nowadays most serious TV-stations also broadcast their business updates online. However, nobody is bringing this content together. Everybody is creating, but nobody facilitates the viewer, by bringing it all to one place. The web for online video is to distributed.

TV4B aims to be the online resource for your daily business update. Remember the movie Wall Street where the stock brokers wake up watching the opening of the market on a old telly? TV4B wants to have that position online: the place you visit for your daily dose of videos.

We are not in the market of creating more content. There is enough of great content out there! We just want to bring it together in one place. And thank YouTube, Vimeo and all other hosters out there for their ‘embed’ feature.

Currently TV4B is solely an aggregator, starting with a few great shows and republishing in relevant topics. In the near feature we will also launch curated channels and live broadcasts.

p.s. just to be clear, TV4B stands for Television for Business. So the B is like the B in B2B. And the 4 is replacing for, that’s what the cool kids do online. (If you don’t like numbers replacing words: you can also browse to – no problems there). But we are proud to have one of the few somewhat descriptive 4 letter domains out there 🙂