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Twitter to open office in the Netherlands

Twitter is preparing to open an office in the Netherlands.

Due to the success of Twitter in the Netherlands, the company will open an office in Amsterdam, according to Tony Wang, who heads up Twitter in London.

Twitter’s Amsterdam office will be used as a sales office as Twitter strives to turn its popularity into cash via advertising and sponsored tweets. At present adverts are only sold on a global basis, but it is understood that there are plans to sell space on a country-by-country basis.

From Amsterdam is a new sales team will sell advertising to Dutch companies. Thus, the company wants to benefit from the “mature market” that exists in the Netherlands.

According to recent figures from Newcom Research & Consultancy there are over 3 million Dutch users active on Twitter.

After its European headquarters in Dublin and office in London, Twitter is set to expand with three new branches in Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid.

Currently the company is still busy with interviews. “As soon as we find the right group of people, we can begin,” said Wang.