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Two-thirds of Dutch households own tablets

Around 5.0 million households in the Netherlands own tablets; that’s equal to two-thirds of all households according to Telecompaper’s Dutch Tablet Users 2015 Q2 report. Dutch consumers use their tablets most often for browsing the internet and gaming; those with an iPad are the most active tablet users, while Acer tablet owners use their tablet less than the market average. The most important factors when choosing a tablet are the brand and the price.

The survey also found out that the average age of tablet users is 45. Apple is more popular among the younger age groups, resulting in a lower average age from the brand than Acer, Asus or Samsung. Acer has the highest share of 50-80 year olds in its tablet customer base. This may explain in part why iPad owners use their tablet for all activities more often than the market average and the opposite is true for Acer owners.

The most common activities on the tablet are browsing the web and gaming. Men tend to use their tablet more often than women for news-related activities, like following the news or reading newspapers. Households with children are the most intensive tablet users; (educational) gaming and watching and streaming videos are the most popular activities among children.

The research indicates that the brand image and the price of the tablet are the most mentioned reasons why tablet owners chose their tablet. Apple users are more brand sensitive than the market average, while Samsung tablet owners look at the brand as well as the price when acquiring a tablet. For Acer and Asus tablet owners, the purchase price comes first. The figures come from a survey of 5,200 Dutch consumers aged 12-80 during the second quarter of 2015 by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel.