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Tyra Banks breasts are huge not fake

Tyra Banks breasts are not fake and she hasn’t had plastic surgery – but she’s open to it in the future.

Tyra Banks was a guest on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” and talks about her businesses, going back to school and the life of a supermodel.

But she also delves into the topic of plastic surgery. “It was a very big rumor that I had breast implants,” Banks tells Piers Morgan. “They weren’t.”

But would she ever do it in the future? “Most definitely,” she said. While appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight, the America’s Next Top Model host said she understands why people believe she went under the knife for surgical enhancements.

“It was a very big rumour that I had breast implants,” Banks said. “On the cover of these magazines when I was very young… they were huge.”

The supermodel continued: “I’ll admit that they did look fake, but they weren’t!”

According to a recent research by sexologist Rachael Ross, it appears that small breasts are more sensitive than large.

Check out the preview of the interview below: