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U.S. General bans fast food for Dutch soldiers

350 Dutch soldiers who crave a Whopper with cheese at Afghan province of Kandahar won’t be able to have it their way any longer.

The US commander General Stanley McChrystal has ordered to shut down the fast-food restaurants Burger King and Pizza Hut on the army base, they can close their doors on the international military base writes the AD.

He believes the restaurants are a luxury and do not belong in a war situation.
The Dutch complained that the General would impose strict lifestyle on others in this way.

While the local government in California has banned toys with the Happy Meal, the Dutch soldiers in the Afghan province of Kandahar are left without any fast food.

U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal launched a review last year of the amenities available at the Kandahar and Bagram airfields, and concluded that the fast-food joints posed a distraction from the task at hand.

The restaurants, which have been around for about five years, have a pared-down menu of what’s on offer at home. For some, their greasy treats provided a welcome respite after months of cafeteria servings on the base or military rations out in the battlefield.

A recent article in the Washington Post writes that increasing rates of obesity among young Americans could undermine the future of the US military, with potential recruits increasingly too fat to serve.

“Obesity rates threaten the overall health of America and the future strength of our military,” generals John Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton, both former chairs of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in a commentary.

Obesity disqualified more potential recruits for military service than any other medical factor, the two former commanders wrote in the Washington Post.

Photo by isafmedia