‘Under a dark sky’ – wildlife photography by Robby Bolleyn

‘Under a dark sky’ – wildlife photography by Robby Bolleyn

26 October – 21 December 2013 – Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam

For more than 15 years Belgian photographer Robby Bolleyn has travelled in Tanzania to capture the wildlife in his own special way. ‘Under a dark sky’ shows magical and graceful portraits of African animals. The exhibition is from 26 October until 21 December 2013 in Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam.

The selection of limited edition prints is the result of a series of extensive safaris in Tanzania, Eastern Africa. Robby Bolleyn wanted to portray the African animals as mysterious and elegant creatures, while capturing their wildness and savagery. Searching for penetrating portraits, he wished to present the African animal kingdom in an unusual and authentic manner.

All images were taken in natural conditions, mainly within the Serengeti ecosystem. The animals were not to be viewed with a merely observant eye, but were to be examined with much more depth. Each image had to be a challenge, every single time.

Robby Bolleyn was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1966. He studied Photography and Marketing and started his career at the World Wide Fund for Nature, but decided to devote his life to full-time photography. Robby lives with his Dutch wife on a farmhouse in France.

Eduard Planting Gallery also presents several photographs of Robby Bolleyn at PAN Amsterdam, the leading contemporary fair for art, antiques and design (24 November – 1 December 2013).

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