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Dutch unemployment falls by 5000

Figures released today by Statistics Netherlands put the number of unemployed people in the Netherlands at 395 thousand in March 2011, after adjustment for seasonal effects. This is the equivalent of 5.1 percent of the labour force.

The number of unemployed was lower than in February. Figures published by the Institute for the implementation of employees’ insurances (UWV) show that both the number of people looking for work and the number of unemployment benefits claimed were lower in March.

Over 50 thousand fewer unemployed than twelve months ago
Seasonally adjusted unemployment was 5 thousand lower in March. The number of unemployed people has fallen almost consistently in the past twelve months, and was now 51 thousand lower than in March last year.
The decrease in the past year was mainly among people younger than 25 years of age. Youth unemployment was 34 thousand lower than twelve months previously. In spite of this, the number of young people with a job is hardly higher than a year ago. This is mainly because more people in this age group are in education.

Fall in jobseekers in technical sectors
The number of unemployed jobseekers registered with the Institute for the implementation of employees’ insurances (UWV) fell by 9 thousand in March, to 487 thousand. Fewer people were looking for technical jobs in particular. This was mainly caused by a decrease in the number of people looking for work in the construction sector (-4 thousand). Compared with one year ago, 36 thousand fewer jobseekers were registered with the UWV.

Nearly 10 thousand fewer unemployment benefits
The number of people claiming unemployment benefit fell by 10 thousand in March to 270 thousand. The decrease was mainly for men (-9 thousand). Compared with one year ago, 48 thousand fewer people were claiming unemployment benefit. The number of new claimants was nearly 38 thousand and the number of people who stopped claiming unemployment benefit was just over 47 thousand. Most benefits (55 percent) ended because claimants had found a job.

Source: CBS