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Unilever ranks best employer in Russia

Unilever has taken a leading position in several rankings of the best employers in Russia. Surveys were carried out by Universum, Changellenge Academy, the Future Today and Finance University.

The annual ranking of the international consulting company Universum is prepared by the results of the students and graduates questionnaire in the leading Russian universities. According to 2011 data, Unilever is the most attractive employer in FMCG sector among the students and graduates of the target universities.

These findings are confirmed by research of Changellenge Academy, which is carried out with the help of online questionnaire of young specialists in the big cities of Russia. Unilever has become the most popular company with significant advance of the other employers in FMCG industry, for example, L’oreal.

The FutureToday company has also summed up the results of the annual survey. In the course of the research

the analysis of the employers` activity in Universities was held. By the results of it preferences of both young specialists and employers were revealed. According to this ranking, Unilever entered the top 10 of the most popular and active employers, occupying the first position in its industry.

The results of the research, which was held by the Finance University center of employment and career development, have proved one more time Unilever attractiveness as the employer. The students of the University recognized Unilever as the best employer of the FMCG sector.

“We spare great attention to professional and personal development of employees. Including our programs for students and graduates aimed at their development and personal growth. The participants of such programs as Unilever Future Leaders Program and Unilever Internship Academy will determine in the future, what the business of the company will be. Therefore, it is extremely important to involve the best employees. And we are very pleased with the recognition of the graduates and students, that Unilever holds the leading position in the rankings of the most attractive employers”, – says Theodore Kitsos, VP HR Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.