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Unique and Outrageous Way to Support the Dutch Olympic Team

Unique and Outrageous Way to Support the Dutch Olympic Team

With just two days to go until the London 2012 Summer Olympics begin, support for Dutch Team is building.

Orange flags will adorn windows and be painted onto avid fans’ faces, but for the loyal Dutch who want to take their support to the next level, the perfect outfit has been designed just in time.

Mental Suits, which hail from the Netherlands, are full suits, consisting of matching jacket, trousers and tie in the most vibrant organge colour.

Conceptualised by 3 Dutch friends as a joke on a travelling expedition to Vietnam 2 years ago – with an overwhelming amount of attention and positive response wearing the suits, they made it their mission to share this experience with one and all and MentalSuits was born.

The new start up business accept that their suits ‘frankly outrageous and some downright hideous’ but maintain that ‘everyone who wears one loves them’ and everyone who sees one ‘just can’t get enough’ of them.

“Wearing a Mental Suit should come with a warning – it brings an astonishing amount of attention at parties and events, I can safely say I have never had a dull night in a MentalSuit– they are not for the light hearted’, said Jelle van der Zwet, one of the founders of MentalSuits”

MentalSuits are stylish, high quality, well- fitted suits made out of ridiculous and unusual patterns .

Launched in Holland before the 2012 European football championship the company sold out of stock within 14 days – now fully re-­‐stocked with brand new designs they are bringing their unique fashion style for the Olympics.

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