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US the largest foreign employer in the Netherlands

The United States is the largest ‘foreign employer’ accounting for 3.6 percent of employees in the Netherlands. In the EU, French and German controlled companies are the largest employers in the Netherlands: both countries account for 2.5 percent of employees.

One percent of companies in the Netherlands are foreign-owned. These companies contribute disproportionately to the Dutch economy, however.

They employ nearly 17 percent of all employees and generate 32 percent of total private sector turnover. ‘Foreign’ companies account for a relatively large share of turnover in the manufacturing industry, according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics.

Nearly 17 percent of employees in the Netherlands are employed by a foreign-controlled company. Just over 6 percent work for companies under non-EU control.

Foreign-controlled companies accounted for nearly 32 percent of private sector turnover in the Netherlands in 2008. Companies controlled by EU countries accounted for just about as much as those controlled by non-EU countries. Companies under US control accounted for the largest share of turnover: 11 percent.

The share of turnover accounted for by foreign-owned companies differs between sectors of industry. It is largest in the manufacturing industry, where 46 percent of turnover was generated by foreign-controlled companies. US-controlled companies accounted for 20 percent of this. In transport, storage and communication, foreign-controlled companies accounted for 35 percent of turnover, with companies in French and German hands generating 11 and 7 percent respectively. In the construction sector, hardly any turnover was generated by foreign companies.

Source: CBS