U.S. penny Sells For $64000 At Auction

U.S. penny Sells For $64000 At Auction

The first U.S. penny was auctioned in Amsterdam for 47,580 Euros on Saturday.

The one-cent coin, commonly known as a penny, was valued at 32,500 Euros, according to the auctioneer AA Coin Auction.

The Chain cent was America’s first large cent and the first circulating coin officially produced by the United States Mint. It was struck only during 1793.

The copper penny is from a U.S. coins collection found in 1993.

The 1793 Large Cent Chain coin was not very popular because of interlocking chain with 15 links, representing the 15 American states in existence at that time. Most Americans interpreted it as representative of slavery.

The coin was also called Flowing Hair Cent said, referring to the picture on the other side of the coin.

Also a special bill for 17,080 Euros was auctioned. That was one ten-guilder bill from 1849.

The auction house declined to say who the buyers are.

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