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US TotalTrax opens European office in the Netherlands

TotalTrax, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Loenen, The Netherlands. The office, located just outside of Amsterdam, is the first location opened by TotalTrax Inc. outside the United States and represents a confirmation of the TotalTrax commitment to grow and serve the European intralogistics market.

As the leading international provider of safety sensors, equipment monitoring products and indoor tracking technologies for material handling vehicles, drivers and inventory, TotalTrax views the opening of a European location as an important step in its planned global expansion of regional offices. TotalTrax has an established network of Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Distributors throughout Europe and is building partnerships with a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The new office will enable TotalTrax to better support these partners and their customers in Europe.

“We are very excited about the opening of our European office and we are committed to expanding our long-term presence there,” said Larry Mahan, General Manager for International Business at TotalTrax. “In addition to being one of the largest market regions in the world, Europe is a leader in adoption of innovative new technologies and intralogistics solutions. We are very pleased with the amount of interest and acceptance of our products and solutions portfolio which transforms traditional forklift trucks into ‘Smart Trucks’. As a result, our ‘Smart Truck’ solutions are delivering substantial improvements in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity, inventory accuracy and business intelligence to our direct and channel partner customers.” Mahan concluded.

Through their end users and channel partners, TotalTrax will continue to expand their European presence by participating in European trade fairs, like their recent participation in the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart, Germany, and by hosting customer events and site tours at participating facilities in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Spain.

About TotalTrax, Inc.
TotalTrax, Inc. is the leading provider of real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Offering a complete technology platform that transforms traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks”, TotalTrax provides solutions that automate data collection and reporting for materials handling operations. With patented hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. By automating vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts and lift truck load and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies normally associated with operator input. The resulting business intelligence provides the insight needed to implement immediate improvements resulting in documented productivity gains.

Source: TotalTrax, Inc