Vampire Villa for sale for 35 million

The villa in Malibu that served as a vampire palace featured in True Blood, La Villa Contenta, is on sale for $35 million.

La Villa Contenta is owned by real estate developer Richard E. Weintraub, who runs Weintraub Financial Services Inc. , and his wife, Liane, who rented it out while they traveled. They’re reportedly building another mansion nearby.

The three-story, 12,045 home overlooking the Pacific Ocean was built in neo-classical style with glass ceilings and walls lined with 500,000 seashells. The house has three floors with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

The home, which served as the fictional abode to vampire Sophie-Anne Leclerq (played by Evan Rachel Wood), was also up for rent this summer for $250,000 a month.

In the popular U.S. television series True Blood vampires live on synthetic blood in the near future, so they do not always have to attack people.

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