Van Gogh Museum launches the Van Gogh EarChair

Van Gogh Museum launches the Van Gogh EarChair

The Van Gogh Museum has launched the Van Gogh EarChair through the online shop of the museum. In collaboration with PROOFF, a special range of the well-known EarChairs by Jurgen Bey has been produced focussing on some of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces. A selection of Van Gogh’s famous works, such as Sunflowers, Wheatfield with crows, Almond blossom and The harvest has been made available for the design of the inside of the chair.

‘The Van Gogh Museum derives circa 75% of its revenues from tickets and merchandise. In order to maintain this position, we like to collaborate with A-brands so as to develop exclusive products. The collaboration with PROOFF is a perfect example. The chairs have already been on display in our museum bookstore for some time and we have noticed that there is a high demand. Because of these positive reactions, we have looked into the options of developing an exclusive range in cooperation with PROOFF ’, according to Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum.

In 2002, the EarChair was designed by the Dutch designer Jurgen Bey, with the underlying idea to create a chair that is a space within a space. Because of the shape of the chair, the surrounding sounds are muffled, thus creating a perfect environment for working and reading. When the chairs are positioned opposite each other, the effect is like a room inside a room, which shows from the presentation in the museum bookstore.

You can order a quotation for the Van Gogh EarChair through the online shop of the museum. In addition to the four different designs for the inside, you can also choose from various materials and colours for the outside. Prices from: € 4,950.

The Van Gogh EarChair is available through the online shop:

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