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VIA.NL chooses TomTom’s historical traffic database to improve road networks throughout The Netherlands

TomTom announces a five year distribution agreement with traffic management experts VIA.NL providing access to TomTom’s historical traffic products.

TomTom’s historical traffic products deliver travel time and speed data for any time of the day and any day of the week from 2008 onwards. TomTom can help improve traffic models by delivering products that leverage an anonymous historical traffic database of more than five trillion data points.

VIA.NL will be able to support municipalities, regions, provinces and national government authorities through the use of TomTom’s historical traffic database enabling the analysis of road usage and delays in order to improve travel times across the entire road network.

“Partnering with VIA.NL provides TomTom with an opportunity to make a greater impact in reducing traffic congestion,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director TomTom Automotive and Licensing. “As VIA.NL provides authorities across The Netherlands with TomTom’s highly accurate historical traffic data, both drivers and traffic planning organisations will experience the benefits of this robust database.”

“VIA.NL sees the unique value of the TomTom traffic data and is eager to promote it to its customers,” said Erik Donkers, CEO of VIA.NL. “We believe the TomTom data, which can be accessed quickly, saving time and money, provides a compelling alternative to traditional methods and helps to ensure the most efficient use of the road network across the Netherlands.”

The unique detail of the historical traffic database is reflected in products like TomTom’s Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis which enable analysis to be made for any individual road segment or a larger geographical area. This leads to a better understanding of where improvements can be achieved. Both products are accessible via the TomTom Traffic Stats web portal, making the data easy to access retrospectively without the need for expensive roadside equipment or field studies. A leading European Data Protection Authority has confirmed the data delivered by TomTom to be compliant with strict privacy regulations.