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Virgin Mobile teams up with Dutch start-up Soocial

Amsterdam-based start-up Soocial has concluded a partnership to provide its online address book synchronization service to customers of telco company Virgin Mobile.

Under the agreement, more than one million Virgin Mobile customers in Australia will be offered Soocial’s service starting September. The partnership coincides with Soocial launching business accounts which allow companies to share important business contacts internally between co-workers in a safe way.

Soocial’s partnership with Virgin Mobile Australia will be launched in September 2011 and reaffirms the Dutch startup’s reign in the online address book synchronization field.
The company has been developing a product in the contact syncing field for the past years and the new partnership adds to the team’s user base and exposure to customers in another geographical region – so far customers have come mainly from the USA and Europe, therefore giving Soocial a more global user base to serve.
The product base offering of Soocial has been continuously expanding and ranges from a free limited trial account to multi-user business accounts that allow companies to safely unify, backup and distribute their contact information within their organization.

What it brings for Virgin customers

By partnering with a service that syncs users’ address books across a multitude of mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and 500+ other devices), Mac Address Book, Outlook and online services like Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo!, Virgin customers can now harness the power of the one unified address book.
Soocial syncs contacts from all these sources, unifies and backs them up safely in the cloud, while providing amazing syncing functionality back to every single device.

This 2-way synchronization allows users to import their contacts from any source or device they might be using, and use powerful tools to edit and safely sync them back to their devices.
By doing this, any change made to a contact on any device will immediately sync to all other connected devices and to Soocial.

Soocial is the pioneer of cloud-based contact syncing

Having received positive feedback from the technology community and being reviewed on blogs like Mashable or Techcrunch Soocial has been building products to compete with the giants, by syncing to all phones, computers or services.
Apple is focusing on device syncing by implementing iCloud, a better version of MobileMe that dissapointed users in the past. This service promises to sync user’s data from all Apple devices into one cloud storage platform.
Google has also been trying to sync Gmail accounts contacts on Android phones while putting out tools to import contacts from Outlook and iPhone devices as well.

Soocial users love the service for exactly this reason – the engineers behind the product have managed to eliminate the need for any partial syncing service. There is no need to wait for any platform to roll out, as it doesn’t matter what phones, computers or online services a user wants to get in sync.
They are all supported by Soocial and this was one of the key reasons behind the partnership with Virgin Australia.

New products launched to spice up business address books

Moreover, the company has recently launched a new product spectrum to cater for business address books.
Now companies can solve their contact distribution and management problems under one safe, centrally managed web platform.
Whatever the size of the company, Soocial safely unifies all the sources of contact information and syncs it to the devices of any coworker who might need them. Organizations can focus on actually driving value from their customers and leave the hard work of contacts updating and distribution to Soocial.