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Vodafone and T-Mobile remain market leaders in the Netherlands

In Q3 2012, Vodafone and T-Mobile together almost have half of the Dutch mobile phone market in terms of users. KPN is third – but when Hi and Telfort (part of KPN) are added to the share of KPN, KPN would be bigger than T-Mobile and Vodafone with a share of 32 percent, according to research by Telecompaper. When looking at the shares of handset brands per operator, T-Mobile gained share among Sony users but lost share among Apple users. Vodafone gained share among Apple users, but T-Mobile still has the biggest share among Apple users (41%).

These results are based on the Telecompaper Consumer Panel, a continuing online survey. In July to September 2012, 21,000 Dutch consumers between the ages of 12 and 80 were questioned. The report from independent market researcher Telecompaper also includes data from the two previous quarters on consumer mobile habits and spending.
Both the choice of provider and handset is mainly cost based. The monthly fee is the most frequently mentioned reason for choosing a mobile operator. The brand and type of the handset (brand/type) and promotional offers are in the second and third places in this list. The choice of a specific handset is mainly based on the purchase price. However, Hi clients focus more on the image of the handset brand. Whether or not a handset is Wi-Fi enabled is getting more important; 26 percent of consumers (partly) based their choice of handset on this.

In Q3 2012, 57 percent of consumers had a smartphone (12-80 yrs). The prepaid market lags behind, with less than a third of prepaid clients owning a smartphone. Since there is a large share of smartphone owners in the market, the most heavily used mobile services are changing. Although sending SMS is still the most used mobile service, the use of online services is increasing. Over a third of all consumers use their mobile phone for sending and receiving emails, and 22 percent indicate they use instant messaging (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger). Among postpaid clients, this percentage is higher; 43 percent of postpaid clients use their phone for sending and receiving email and more than a quarter of postpaid consumers uses instant messaging. The average amount of SMS sent per month has decreased compared with the first quarter of 2012, from 43 to 35 a month.

When acquiring their current handset, 30 percent of consumers in Q3 2012 bought their handset separately from their subscription or prepaid SIM. About a third of consumers received their current handset for free with their subscription.

The report Dutch Mobile Consumer Q3 2012 – Operator Edition gives detailed information on the demographics of consumers, their sales channels, reasons for selecting a provider, average spending and most heavily used services. The report is available for purchase in two different editions. This edition gives insight per operator: Hi, KPN, Telfort, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele2 and the other providers combined. The other edition, which was published on 21 December 2012, gives insight per handset brand: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Apple, Blackberry and other handset brands combined. Both reports discuss the following aspects:

  • Market shares per handset/provider (All, Postpaid, Prepaid)
  • Split per age group, gender, income and education.
  • Split per Postpaid/Prepaid, Packages/SIM Only, Smartphone/Normal phone (All, Postpaid, Prepaid)
  • Sales channels (Handset, SIMs, packages)
  • Which kind of ‘physical’ shop is used to buy the mobile connection. (Handset, SIMs, packages)
  • Which kind of ‘online’ shop is used to buy the mobile connection. (Handset, SIMs, packages )
  • New purchase or renewal, how is handset acquired
  • What is the average spend per consumer (All, Postpaid, Prepaid), and who pays the monthly fees, call charges, etc.
  • What are the top seven reasons for the consumer when selecting her or his current mobile provider (All, Postpaid, Prepaid)
  • What are the top seven reasons for the consumer when selecting a handset brand (All, Postpaid, Prepaid)
  • Private vs. business usage mobile phone
  • What are the most used services (All, Postpaid, Prepaid), and how many SMS are sent per month
  • Churn per provider and NPS per provider

The Dutch Mobile Consumer Report is based on the responses of more than 21,000 respondents from the Telecompaper Consumer Panel during the period July – September 2012. The report also includes data from the two previous quarters. Results are CBS stratified for gender, age (12-80) and education. The previous edition of this report was based on the ages 15 to 65 and education was not used for the stratification.