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Vodafone Voicemail Service Suffers Major Security Breach

Vodafone suffers a huge security breach in their Voicemail Service, exposing confidential customer voice mails.

Other people are able to listen to voicemails from Vodafone customers without a security code.

Yesterday it was announced that the Voicemails of the Dutch MPs and ministers could easily be listened to through the default PIN code 3333.

That problem has been resolved, but there is another method and there is no PIN code required.

Through a so-called “Spoofing” site on the Internet, anyone can enter a Vodafone customer phone number and call the Vodafone Voicemail service. This way messages can easily be downloaded and distributed.

Vodafone has more than 5 million customers in the Netherlands, including various Dutch government officials.

The company says in Nieuwsuur TV solve the problem as soon as possible.

Now Vodafone said that voicemails from customers now really can not be intercepted anymore by unauthorized parties.