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Current Weather Conditions The Netherlands

The weather in the Netherlands can be very changeable from day to day at all times of the year, and the character of each season may vary from one year to another.

5-Day Weather Forecast The Netherlands

In winter spells of cold weather, lasting from one week to two months or more, rivers and canals may freeze. In mild winters this may not occur at all, when it does freeze many people indulge in the traditional Dutch winter sport of skating on the numerous canals.. In summer, fine, hot weather may last for some weeks on occasions but the weather may also be cool and unsettled.

Rainfall is well distributed over the year, but tends to fall on fewer days in summer and to be heavier. Average daily sunshine amounts range from about two hours in January to between seven and eight hours in June.

The flat countryside makes the Netherlands a rather windy place at all times of the year. In the past this aspect of the weather was fully utilised by the Dutch, who built numerous windmills to pump water from the low-lying land reclaimed from the sea and the rivers.