The Netherlands has wettest summer on record

The Netherlands has wettest summer on record

The Dutch weather bureau KNMI says the Netherlands has had its wettest summer on record, with some parts of the country recording more than double their average summer rainfall.

Last summer was the wettest since 1906. In June, July and August fell average 350 millimeters of rain, 100 more than normal.

Especially in July there was much more rain than normal. Remarkably, spring was the driest of the past century, with an average of 49 mm to 172 normally.

Most rain fell in the middle and western parts of the country. At the KNMI measuring station Deelen in the Veluwe fell 445 mm. The ‘driest’ was in Vlissingen with 252 mm.

The summer was not only wet but also on the cool side. The average temperature was 16.3 degrees, compared to an average 17 degrees in other years. De Bilt had only 50 hot days (20 degrees or warmer) compared with 60 in other years.

There were far fewer Summer days (25 degrees or warmer), than normal: 7 instead of 21. Only two days it was warmer than 30 degrees, the average is four in previous years.

In June, July and August there were approximately 525 hours of sunshine, against an average of 608 in previous years. Especially in July and August there was less sunshine than normal.

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