Whatser enables brands to engage with their customers

Whatser enables brands to engage with their customers

Whatser, the location-based app, is launching today a tool that allows brands to host a collection of favorite spots on their platform. Whatser users can collect their favorite spots, share their discoveries with friends and hit upon new places to visit based on location plus the recommendations of friends. Starting today, users can also track collections from their favorite brands.

Bugaboo is the very first global brand to host its own collection. Within the Bugaboo collection, users can find special spots such as parks, shops, museums, cafés, restaurants and playgrounds that cater to modern parents on the move. The current collection features upwards of 350 spots in cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

“Bugaboo is all about inspiring people to get out and explore the world. By hosting this collection we want to offer our customers an easy way to find great places wherever they might be and invite them to share their own. We are looking forward to expanding this collection to other cities as well, together with our users”, says Madeleen Klaasen, Bugaboo’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Michiel Verberg, one of the founders of Whatser, adds: “Whatser is all about offering valuable suggestions to our users on where to go. Bugaboo is a great example on how a brand can add value to their services and build costumer loyalty by sharing specific know-how through a platform where they can interact with their customers.”

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