Where do Dutch millionaires live?

Where do Dutch millionaires live?

The number of Dutch millionaires has gone up by 5.5 percent from pre-crisis levels, according to a report by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The number of households worth 1 million euros or more, jumped to 99 thousand households from 98 thousand in 2012.

1.3 percent of all households in the Netherlands have 1 million euros or more.

Bloemendaal, Laren and Blaricum have the highest share of millionaires
Half of millionaires are living in areas with a relatively low level of urbanisation. The average millionaire home had a value of 513 thousand euros in 2013, i.e. more than twice the average value of a non-millionaire home.

The Dutch municipalities of Bloemendaal, Laren and Blaricum, have the highest share of millionaires. The city of Kerkrade accounts for the lowest rate. The provinces of Utrecht and Zeeland have the highest share of millionaires, the provinces of Limburg, Flevoland and Groningen account for the lowest rates.

The primary breadwinner in a millionaire household is nearly 60 years of age, i.e. 8 years older than the average ‘non-millionaire’. Three-quarters of millionaires are over 50, 1 in every 20 are under 40.

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