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Wider range of shops in many Dutch shopping centres

The 15 shopping centres in the Netherlands offering the widest variety of shops in 2012 had on average 63.3 different types of shops versus 61.8 in 2008 and 64.8 in 2004. This development puts an end to the downward trend of the past according to Statistics Netherlands. The shopping centre in the municipality of Haarlem tops the list with 68 different types of shops.

In the period 2008-2012, 51 types of shops were closed down in the 15 shopping centres offering the widest variety of shops, but 54 new types of shops opened their doors. The city centre of Haarlem – in 2008 still in second place – now offers the largest variety of shops. In that year, Nijmegen was in first place, but in 2012 Nijmegen is in sixth place. With 4 shopping centres, the province of North Holland has a prominent share in the top 15 of most diversified shopping centres.

More food shops and households appliances shops
In the past four years, the number of shops specialised in household appliances and shops selling potatoes, vegetables, fruit, organic food and health food has grown considerably. The number of water sport shops, shops selling large household appliances, paint and wallpaper shops, shops with a general range of large household appliances and audio and video equipment and TV sets and shops offering a general range of products declined noticeably.

Oldenzaal fastest climber, Venlo drops dramatically
Within the top hundred list, the city centre of Oldenzaal is the fastest climber (+ 101 positions) with 11 new types of shops in the period 2008-2012. Panningen recorded 10 new types of shops (+ 91 positions). Six types of shops were closed down in the shopping centres of Venlo (- 58 positions) and Winschoten (- 55 positions). The shopping centre in Heerlen lost five types of shops and tumbled from 18th to 59th place.