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Will Microsoft beat Apple with Secret Tablet?

While the whole world is waiting for the Apple tablet. Microsoft has made astonishing take on the tablet with, Courier.

Courier is a real device, and according to Gizmodo it’s in the “late prototype” stage of development. It’s not a tablet, it’s a booklet. The dual 7-inch screens are multitouch, and designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers. On the back cover is a camera, and it might charge through an inductive pad, like the Palm Touchstone charging dock for Pre.

Gizmodo has a gallery of images of a Microsoft Tablet/booklet/handheld nicknamed Courier that is supposed to be more than just a concept. The Courier looks pretty good and more like something Apple would come up with than something you would expect from Microsoft.

The launch of the Courier could see Microsoft renew rivalries with Apple, which is rumoured to be working on its own touch-screen tablet computer. The Apple tablet, nicknamed the MacBook touch, is expected to resemble a larger iPod touch, with a 10in touch-screen, and double as both a games console and a home media hub, capable of streaming content and services in much the same way as Apple TV does.

Both Apple and Microsoft have refused to comment on the rumours.