Dutch women get married later and later

We’ve been hearing for years now that young people are opting to get married later and later, if at all. But now there’s statistical proof that women get married at an older age, according to figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Last year, one in ten women who married for the first time were over the age of 40 versus one in hundred in 1980. As more and more couples live together before they marry, the marriage date is more often postponed.

More than 73 thousand marriages were performed last year, as many as in 2009. For one fifth of brides, it was their second marriage.

The average age for women at first marriage has steadily risen from 23 to 30 over the past three decades.

Nearly 6 thousand women over the age of 40 married for the first time versus 800 in 1980. Three quarters of first-time brides were younger than 25, as against one in five today.

Source: CBS

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