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Dutch gamers attempt World Record non-stop gaming

Six Dutch gamers started an attempt to break the world record non-stop gaming in The Netherlands. To do so six gamers will be spending the weekend playing Red Dead Redemption on the Playstation 3 to break the record.

From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon gamers are glued to their game console. During the Twistdock Endurance Gaming Event at a game store in Rotterdam, the gamers need to play the Western game Red Dead Redemption as long as possible.

Every hour they may take 10 minutes break and every five hours, they get 50 minutes break. In their breaks they can eat, stretch their legs or get some sleep.

If they can mange to game for more than 24 hours, they have broken the record action gaming anyway. The person who is able to play for the longest time wins 1000 Euro.

The gamers will attempt to beat the current World’s Record of 40 hours for gaming in the racing category with the help of Vogel’s TwistDock providing non-stop play by keeping their PS3 controllers continuously charged. The Guinness World Record winner will receive a 1,000 Euro prize plus a TwistDock docking station for the PS3.

This attempt is being described as the ultimate test of “stamina and perseverance” and Vogel hopes the record of 40 hours non-stop gaming can be broken this weekend.

There will be an official inauguration of the winner in the Guinness Book of Records, if the gamers will be able to set a new world record.