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Write For Us

Do you want to write for the Dutch Daily News? Whether you have a passion for writing, an interest in the Dutch culture, or have a good story, let’s talk!

The Dutch Daily News is an online journal of Dutch news and analysis covering broad topics like news, business, politics, economy, entertainment (including Dutch-related restaurants, gigs and events), travel and local business profiles.

What we’re looking for?

  • We look for stories relevant to our readers i.e. related to Dutch news, business, entertainment, and culture. ANYTHING Dutch.
  • Submissions should be well written, edited and original. Although there is no formal word count, pieces generally range between 500-1000 words.

Why write for us?
The Dutch Daily News has seen some phenomenal growth and here is what we can offer you.

  • Each writer is acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to their official website and social media account as well as a short but detailed biography.
  • Great exposure to a persistently huge growing traffic.
  • Received recognition and appreciation from a group of loyal audiences.

What to send us?
If you’ve got a story you think fits at The Dutch Daily News, great! We’d love to hear it. Send us a few paragraphs answering what the story is about and why is it right for The Dutch Daily News.
If you’re interested, send an email with your résumé and an attached writing sample to You will receive a reply within 24 hours of your submission.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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