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YouTube and Spotify to be blocked on Dutch trains

Dutch train passengers will not be able to use streaming services like YouTube and Spotify during their trip while using the free Wi-Fi network on-board the Dutch trains. The Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has allowed to block off those services.

The Wi-Fi network is provided by T-Mobile. Anyone can use the Internet free of charge during the train ride. Streaming services like YouTube and Spotify consume a lot of data on the network. As a result, it is likely that some of the passengers may have a slow connection speed or getting disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, says the ACM.

T-Mobile went to the Authority for Consumers & Markets because train travelers reported problems with the network. The ACM then sought out if a partial blockage is permitted. “The Internet on the train has a limited capacity, when people want to watch movies, other travelers will be affected. By blocking these services, more travelers can make use of the internet, says ACM.